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Title: The Starting Point


This book is dedicated to those people who have desired and looked for more meaning to life... but have not found it. To those who have been saddened by the thought that maybe this is all there is -- a journey with many sorrows that leads to an apparent dead end. If this describes you, then this book is dedicated to you, to help you to say, "Ah-ha, there's the ticket -- I knew there had to be something more! Why didn't someone just say so before?"

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Title: Four in One


Four in One contains within it four published books written by Scott and Bonna Brooks. These four individual books work together in this Four in One book as a single unit with some concepts more fully explained in some of the books than in others.

Book 1: Twos and Threes

Book 2: Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?

Book 3: Deeper Friendships

Book 4: At His Feet

Four in One is written from a relational view of the Christian life. As such, it is a wonderful book toward a more relational Christian life that is so helpful with friendships with Jesus and each other! IF you get it, read it numerous times, digest it, and know it well, THEN may Jesus use it in wonderful ways in your life to bring you into all that the book's dedication states:

"We dedicate this Four in One book to you the reader and also to Jesus. May the Holy Spirit use this book to grow you all the more into a wonderful friendship with Jesus. And may that friendship positively affect all of your other friendships as well."

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Title: Twos and Threes


Does the following dedication from this book apply to you?

"I dedicate this book to you the reader -- especially if you have longed for better fellowship but have not been able to find it. May Jesus use this book and work in your life to bring you to wonderful friendships of true heart-to-heart fellowship!"

If this dedication does indeed apply to you, then may Jesus truly use this book in wonderful ways in your life!

You may wonder how Jesus could use this book in your life in such wonderful ways. The key is found in this book's introduction where the following claim is made.

"It is of great value for each of us to have the freedom to count twos and threes fellowship as more significant than things that are one to many."

And the rest of this book shows how this claim is truly the case -- including its look at the historic shift that has caused a 1-to-many focus to often upstage the twos-and-threes fellowship that was so prevalent in New Testament times.

This book also includes many practical, straight forward observations and applications based upon twos-and-threes heart-to-heart fellowship that the Lord can use to bring you to excellent friendships in your life!

So, may this book help you to gain the many benefits of twos-and-threes fellowship, including the Matthew 18:20 promise of Jesus where He said that when two or three people gather in His name that He is there with them.

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*** Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle? Book Cover Picture ***

Title: Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?


Would you like to see a real miracle? If so, this free ebook is for you! If in the privacy of your own residence you follow the very easy step-by-step instructions outlined in this book, then you have a really good chance of being among the very high percentage of people who have tried these steps and in turn have been able to see this very amazing miracle with their very own eyes! Some people have tried these steps thinking the steps would not work, but when they then saw the miracle with their very own eyes, they were absolutely amazed -- so much so that it even messed with their head! Fortunately, this book does not leave you hanging, but offers explanations to help you understand both how and why the miracle works.

*** Deeper Friendships Book Cover Picture ***

Title: Deeper Friendships


Have you desired better friendships but have found them to be elusive? Then may this book become of great value to you in helping you to understand many root aspects of your friendship with Jesus and your friendships with others as well. And may it equip you with very practical insights that prove to be very helpful and invaluable to you over time, as well as to those who enjoy friendship with you all the more!

Within the pages of this book, you'll find answers to some very root relational questions such as:

~ What is love?

~ What is the basis for us being able to value ourselves, others, and God?

~ What really is sin anyway? A check-list or does it relate to friendships more than meets the eye?

~ What does God really want from and for us?

And one of the biggest values of this book is the amazing insights it provides you into what Jesus did on the cross on the behalf of all of us! And how this ties to your growing toward deeper friendships!

So, this book is an excellent read for helping you to further understand the architectural root aspects of friendship as well as many other related aspects of life!

*** At His Feet Book Cover Picture ***

Title: At His Feet


A Christ-centered life His feet!

When we picture Mary, the sister of Martha, sitting at Jesus' feet and learning from Him, we see someone who knew how to make the best of her time with Jesus. This book contains many practical how-to ideas and suggestions that can help us to grow spiritually as we too sit at Jesus' feet.

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*** Lost in Worship Album Cover Picture ***

Title: Lost in Worship


I hope you find it very easy to enter into the worship of our amazing God as you listen to Lost in Worship!

This album has been many years in the making for both the writing of the thirteen original songs as well as growing in musicianship. The other needed element was Jesus helping me to understand more about worship. As such, here are some of the things I learned from Him that could possibly help you with your worship of Him as well.

Does God need our worship? In John 5, Jesus says that He (who is God), does not accept praise from humans. So, why in John 4 would Jesus say that the Father seeks those who would worship Him in spirit and in truth? If I start with the character of God outlined in the Bible, I see that God is completely humble and not an egotist in any way, but is instead complete in Himself (Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit). So, if He does not need our worship to feed His ego or to meet any need in Him, then why would He want us to worship Him? The short answer: "As a tremendous gift to us!" To explain...

In one of the songs I sing, "If You didn't take the time to put me together, I simply would not be, so I owe You me." So, my very existence is a gift from God to me. If it wasn't for Him, I would not be! In addition to this, in another song I sing about the amazing payment of Jesus shedding His blood on the Cross so that I could be forgiven and eventually make it to Heaven where He will sustain my existence forever!

God could have created trees, animals, but not any humans. And if that was the case, then both you and I would not exist. But that Jesus took the time to create us and is willing to sustain our existence forever is absolutely amazing to me!

And if the most important thing to worship was a plant, then God would point us towards that plant as what we should worship. But it just so happens that the greatest thing is God Himself, and as such it is an incredible privilege for us to appreciate Him even a little bit. But we have no idea how great Jesus is! In fact, in a million years from now, those in Heaven will be learning even more about the wonderfulness of God!

So, to exist is amazing! And to exist forever is even more amazing! And to forever be growing in appreciation of our Creator whose greatness no one can fathom is more than icing on the cake!

Lost in Worship has thirteen original songs with the vocals and acoustic guitar done by me and with improv C-flute done by my Son, David, on all but one song which he plays improv Native American flute instead. The two of us played out a few times at some open mics, but found that it was more difficult to worship Jesus through song when there was an audience. So, we felt guided to be studio musicians instead where we found it much easier to worship Jesus. Another thing that helped with this was to just do personal worship of the Lord without concern for how others would like the music. But instead to keep it very personal, and then later to let others listen in on the worship so as to help them to worship too. As such, the lyrics tend to be in first person instead of in third person. In other words, "I worship You, Jesus" instead of "We worship You, Jesus."

So, I'd like to thank my son David for his flute playing contribution to the album. (Thanks, David!) I'd also like to thank my sister Linda for encouraging me for years to eventually record an album. (Thanks, Linda!) And lastly, I'd like to thank my daughter Ann for creating the album cover. (Thanks, Ann!)

So once again, I hope you find it very easy to enter into the worship of our amazing God as you listen to Lost in Worship!

With Jesus' love,